Domestic Training

This is my post number one; if you are here you probably know me in person if not read what follows, mum taught me that it is polite to introduce myself to strangers.

I am Roberta but everyone calls me Bobbi, A’bobbi, Bobs, Robs, Roby, Robby, Gypsy, N, and many many many others; pick the one you like or give me a whistle I generally turn around anyway. My breed originates from central Italy where I was raised in the bucolic setting of my hometown under the strict untold rules of my family traditions. Suffocated by this provincial environment, I decided to emigrate to the UK. In 2008 I moved to London where I accomplished my academic studies (BA and MA, I am not ready for a PhD yet). Ca va sans dire that London was a life changing experience: from a 15.000 inhabitants town I moved to Camden, I mean CAMDEEEEN TOWN motherfuckeeer. Over the last 6 years I changed colour of hair every other week, from blonde to bleached, from bleached to blue, from half shaved to a mohican, then black and shaved then again bleached, orange, red, purple, very bright purple, burgundy red, chocolate brown and now blondish again; I slept with more than 23 nationalities,  I blocked my credit card 4 times and I got given, asked or pretended 8 different clubs or bars membership cards.  Eventually, 10 days ago, I returned to my small rustic hometown for the first time without possessing a return ticket to London.

While I am “stuck” here, in this beautiful tiny medieval village built among the gentle hills of Le Marche with loads of free time and not many pubs, clubs, events, galleries, talks or gigs to go to I realised that there is one thing I could do, something I always wanted to learn and could improve my CV of current unemployed-seeking-for-a-rich-man-who-likes-kids perspective: how to be an “Italian Mama”. I do not know how long this culinary and domestic training will last but till the day I could cook some tagliatelle in person for you, I decided to create this page to keep my friends from all over the world informed about this weird experiment I am carrying under the supervision of my grandmother Antonietta and my mother Barbara.


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