Le Marche in da Kitchen


If you didn’t get it I am from Le Marche: a region in the central part of Italy, an almost mystical territory, a peaceful area which you would never hear on the news: a proper middle-earth. In many ways it is the mirror image of its more internationally renowned neighbour Tuscany especially  for its cuisine and landscape; nevertheless it has remained an hidden jewel, rustic and a bit backward. I am totally in love with my region: its gentle hills that always welcome me home like a mother’s arms, its ploughed fields that always remind me of the diligence of my people, and its coastal cliffs  severe like a father and haughty like the fashionable girls from our area. 


Anyway, sorry I am done with this rant. Do not worry, the “from mama with love” section won’t include chapters of any epic poem, but it will surprise you with recipes about the cuisine of my lovely region or more precisely of my family culinary traditions carefully handed down by my grandmother. Our cuisine is a mix between the sophisticated delicacies of northern Italy combined with the more rustic and almost craggy southern peasant food, which creates a disparate magnificent culinary heritage; from meat to fish dishes, from liver salami to the finest truffle, from vincisgrassi (a local type of lasagne) to brodetto (a very particular fish soup) each of which will be presented with its own personal and family story.



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